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At Branches Tree Experts, you can sleep easy knowing you're in the hands of technicians who have thirty years of knowledge, experience, and education in multiple tree service and plant health care fields. We will not only provide you with the best tree service in Rockville, MD, but also offer insect treatment, pre-construction consultation, and more! We offer tree care services for both residential and commercial properties.

Tree Pruning Experts

Pruning has numerous benefits for your trees. If branches are too close to an obstacle such as your home or power lines, pruning is an effective way to prevent any interference and limit the risk of any damage. Additionally, tree pruning can help remove dead or diseased branches and promote even, healthy growth in your tree. As for aesthetics, not only is tree pruning a great way to keep your trees looking great, it can improve your view from your home.

Reliable Tree Removal

While we try to prevent tree removal if possible, we understand in some cases it's the smartest option. If a tree is diseased and past the point of no return or if it presents a danger to the surrounding area, our team of experts will efficiently and safely remove your tree.

When we're not hard at work, we are helping our community and supporting various institutions and organizations. It's this same commitment to our local community that motivates us to provide high-quality tree service to Rockville and the surrounding areas. Call Branches Tree Experts and ask any questions you may have about tree care, plant healthcare, or more!

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Branches gave me a reasonable estimate, was also willing to negotiate and completed the work on schedule. I would certainly use them again. —Happy Customer in DC

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Branches Tree Experts provides the DC metro area with professional tree and plant health care services.

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