Tree Protection Plan

Tree preservation is an essential part of any construction project. As living things, Trees require monitoring  by a Certified Arborist. This is critical to the survival of the trees. Branches Tree Experts Arborists are very knowledgeable in various tree preservation measures and experienced in working with contractors to mitigate construction stress to the protected trees.

It's often thought that tree protection is simply a fence installed around the tree, but there are many ways to optimize work space using advanced methods of tree preservation. Work space is a major consideration for many builders and having to protect the trees only cuts into the amount of space available for construction. We've adapted an understanding of complex tree preservation systems to maximize the benefit to the trees, while securing the value and usable area for the contractor.

Several cities throughout the DC Metro area have their own tree laws, which vary significantly in the means and methods used to protect trees. Branches has worked on tree preservation plans in the cities of Maryland, throughout the District, and Northern Virginia. Our mission is to remain proactive, and we have done so by developing and implementing tree preservation plans that can be, and in many instances now need to be submitted to the requesting inspectors allowing for construction to begin.

Branches gave me a reasonable estimate, was also willing to negotiate and completed the work on schedule. I would certainly use them again. —Happy Customer in DC

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