Washington D.C. Tree Removal Permit

Many folks don't know that in Washington, D.C. you need a tree removal permit under many circumstances. And those circumstances, as listed below, can be complicated and difficult to navigate. If you are unsure of whether you need a tree removal permit in Washington, D.C. or if you know you need one and are not sure what to do, contact the experts at Branches Tree to help you make the right decision.

Branches Tree Experts can help you navigate the complicated process of acquiring these permits as well as executing the job you need done.  We are the right fit to help take care of all of your tree removal permit needs in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. Tree Requirements

Here are the specific requirements from the DC government for those who qualify for tree removal permits.  Some of the language can be a little technical, so call us to help you to navigate the process!

DDOT Blue Book Requirements ddot.dc.gov Engineering Standards and Guidelines Standard Specifications for Highways and Structures

Tree Protection (611) •Trenching and Boring (207, 611) •Pruning (611) Tree Protection

Protect the Critical Root Zone (CRZ) by erecting fencing which protects the tree and root system by keeping out all detrimental construction activity • If construction can not be avoided within the Critical Root Zone the tree must be protected with Tree Protection Fencing and all other unpaved areas must be covered with a protective 10” layer of wood chips The CRZ is equal to: One foot of tree protection for every inch in tree diameter For example, a tree with a 12-inch DBH or caliper breast height, would require 12 feet of protection on every side measured from the base of the tree. This area must be protected using 4’ fence (orange mesh construction fence is acceptable)

In the CRZ: (1) No alteration or disturbance to existing grade (2) No storage of construction materials, equipment, soil, or debris (3) No disposal of any liquids e.g. concrete, gas, oil, paint; and blacktop (4) No trenching within the critical root zone (5)Trees within the CRZ must be watered every 10 days from April-September

DDOT Special Tree Removal Permit

Private property trees between 44” and 99.9” in circumference are considered Special Trees. Trees that are greater than 100” in circumference are considered Heritage Trees.

The removal of Special Trees requires a Special Tree Removal Permit. Heritage trees in healthy condition cannot be removed.

You must apply for a Special Tree Removal Permit Application through the Transportation Online Permitting System (TOPS) to proceed with the removal of a Special Tree. Please follow the instruction for How to Obtain a Special Tree Permit. It is at the discretion of the contractor or homeowner to file a public space permit. Public Space is defined as all the publicly owned property between the property lines on a street and includes, but is not limited to, the roadway, tree spaces, sidewalks and alleys.

Branches gave me a reasonable estimate, was also willing to negotiate and completed the work on schedule. I would certainly use them again. —Happy Customer in DC

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