Maryland Tree Removal Permit

There are a number of towns and communities in Maryland that require tree removal permits and Branches Tree Experts is here to help you navigate the process.

Whether you are looking for advice on how to acquire a permit, have questions about whether you need a permit, or simply need some guidance through the complicated process, Branches Tree Experts will be your advocate and arborist to provide all the help you need. Here are three communities that require tree removal permits in Maryland.

Takoma Park Tree Ordinance

In order to promote and protect our urban forest, the City Council adopted a Tree Ordinance (Chapter 12.12 of the City Code) and employs an arborist to enforce the ordinance and manage the trees on public lands.

An Urban Forest Tree is defined as one that is at least 7 5/8 inches in diameter at four and one half feet above ground. In the Historic District, trees 6 inches in diameter are considered Urban Forest Trees. Unless the tree was planted as a replacement tree, trees smaller than these sizes are not covered by the ordinance. If you wish to remove a tree on your property or prune to remove more than 5% of live wood, or if you are planning to do construction or re-grading within 50 feet of a tree on your property or a neighbor’s, you should contact the Public Works Department at 301-891-7633.

Town of Chevy Chase Tree Removal Permits

The Town requires a resident to obtain a permit to remove any tree measuring 24 inches in circumference at 4.5 feet above the ground. Once an application is received, the Town will post notice of the application on the property, and the arborist will inspect each tree requested to be removed. If the arborist determines that the tree is not a canopy tree, as listed on the attached page, the Town will issue a removal permit without conditions.

If the tree is a canopy tree, the arborist determines whether the tree is dying, dead, in danger of falling, or a hazard to the safety of persons or property. If the arborist finds one of these conditions to exist, a removal permit will be issued without conditions. If the arborist does not find one of these conditions to exist, the Town Manager will consult with the applicant and will review all available information to determine whether the tree meets the standards for removal.

If the Town Manager issues a removal permit for a tree that the Town arborist does not find meets a standard for removal, the applicant will be required to plant a replacement tree for each tree removed or pay an impact fee of $750 per tree. Most trees approved for removal have a seven day posting requirement before the tree can be removed. If the Town Manager denies a removal permit, the property owner may appeal that decision to the Town Council.

Town of Somerset Tree Removal Permit

In the Town of Somerset you are required to have a tree removal permit in many circumstances. For more details on which circumstances require a permit, or for help on acquiring the permit and the removal of the tree itself, contact Branches Tree Experts for help.

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