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Incorporated in 1988, Branches Tree Experts is a full-service tree company and arboriculture consulting firm committed to preserving and protecting the beauty and health of trees and shrubs, in the urban and suburban landscape. We build flexible and responsive partnerships with our clients, who receive the benefit of our extensive experience in insect and disease diagnosis and treatment, plant healthcare, planting, pruning and related tree preservation.

Residential Tree Services

Your trees and shrubs represent a large portion of a property’s value; they contribute to the overall beauty of your home in addition to providing environmental benefits. We offer individualized plant health care programs along with outstanding personalized service, to optimize your property’s potential.

Commercial Tree Services

Commercial Tree Services

We provide a range of services which help in the preservation and long term health of trees, associated with commercial construction projects. Many local townships and municipalities have strict guidelines for the protection of trees and limiting the impact on the environment. Branches Tree Experts can help project managers with implementation and compliance requirements.

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Branches Tree Experts has served the Washington D.C. and Maryland metropolitan area for over 25 years. We provide a wide range of diagnostic tree care along with traditional arboriculture services for private homeowners and commercial customers.